MaST - Using Predictive Analytics To Support CMHT's

Corrie Williams of Elemental TV is joined by guests Caroline Gadd, Adam Drage and Neil Doollin to discuss ˜The Management and Supervision Tool™ (MAST) - an electronic dashboard which uses predictive analytics to provide critical information to practitioners and managers.

MaST supports clinical decision-making by helping practitioners to better understand patient activity. It takes information directly from the electronic records and reflects it back in an ‚easy to understand dashboard which can then be used to assess which patients are in crisis, which patients require an increased level of care and which patients are ready for a less resource-intensive care pathway.

MaST interrogates the clinical information that has been input into the EPR and translates this into a crisis and complexity grid™, essentially telling the user how risky or complex an individual currently is. MaST is used at patient-level, caseload-level, team-level and strategic-level. The tool is owned by Otsuka Health Solutions and has been tailored to suit the needs of Mersey Care services following almost 2 years of collaboration with Mersey Care practitioners and managers.

MaST has now been rolled out across every single community mental health team in Mersey Care, equating to almost 200 clinicians who are caring for approximately 10,000 patients. It is being used regularly by over 70% of all users, who come from a range of different disciplines including nurses, medics and psychologists.