Harnessing Artificial Intelligence in Radiology - Dartford and Gravesham NHS Trust

Neil Perry, Head of Digital Transformation at Dartford & Gravesham NHS Trust (DGT) talks to Elemental TV's Corrie Williams about the improvement of diagnostic pathways utilising Artificial Intelligence (AI) to instantly triage Chest X-Rays.

AI is being harnessed to separate radiology studies into normal and abnormal categories alerting radiographers to urgent findings at the point of acquisition and helping clinicians prioritise workloads and reduce reporting backlogs.

The Solution has been embedded into the Clinician workflow with the Images autonomously sent to the AI platform, and the triage returned within 30 seconds back to the Radiology System.

Results have been very positive and DGT are taking forward plans to transform pathways to benefit patients and reduce pathways for suspected Cancers by up to 2 weeks via hot reporting and introducing same day Chest CT's.