eConsent form - Digitally revolutionising the surgical consent to treatment process

Stephen Lake, Consultant Surgeon at Worcestershire Acute NHS Trust and Matt Smith, Product Director at Wellbeing Software met with Elemental TV's Corrie Williams to talk about how eConsent has digitally revolutionised the surgical consent to treatment process.

Wellbeing Software's eConsent solution is enabling NHS Trusts to improve patient experience, save consultant time and standardise consent-to-treatment delivery with unprecedented oversight and audit of the consent process.

eConsent works by digitising a highly specialised workflow, making it faster and safer whilst supporting national initiatives such as NHS Digital Domain G - Paper Free at the Point of Care. In addition to this, eConsent standardises and safeguards compliance with mandated standards from the CQC, NHSLA and Royal Colleges.

Consultant Surgeon, Stephen Lake talks to Elemental TV about the development of eConsent from conception through to the demonstrable benefits being realised, including the reduction of clinic overheads, instances of cancelled theatre slots, and direct administration costs at Worcestershire Acute NHS Trust.